After 10 Years of Producing the Powell3 Triathlon Challenge, On Hill Events has made a decision to no longer do this race. It is not without a lot of thought but between the National Park being shut down by the Federal Government in 2013 by Congress 5 days prior to the race costing us the refunds of registrations and the cost of the race, and on top of that the demands of the National Park with expense and lack of support we have decided not to renew this race. We simply cannot afford to do this race again based on permitting requirements and costs. We are sorry to announce this.

Southern Utah Triathlon

We are doing another race this same weekend in Southern Utah near St. George, Utah called the Southern Utah Triathlon. If you were looking for a Southernly race during this time of year this will be a great one. This is held at Quail Creek State Park Reservoir 10 minutes from St. George and across the Highway from Sand Hollow. If you would like to know more or sign up for the Southern Utah Triathlon please go to:

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